11 Episodes

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  • How to do a Kettlebell Deadlift

    Episode 1

    You'll need a kettlebell or even a dumbbell so you can perform the exercise!

  • How to do a hinge

    Episode 2

    Once we're able to understand and learn about the hinge, we can move forward with deadlifts and KB swings!

  • How to do a squat

    Episode 3

    Learn how to properly nail down your squat!
    Every body is different. Squats are really hard to say it has to be this or that way. Here are my tips to make your squats YOUR best!

  • How to do a push up

    Episode 4

    Push ups are one of the hardest exercises. Once we get the fundamentals down, we're able to get stronger and grow from here!

  • How to do a lunge

    Episode 5

    Time and time again I'll see some wonky lunges. This tutorial will help you nail down our lunges!

  • How to do a 1/2 kneeling press

    Episode 6

  • How to do a plank

    Episode 7

  • How to do a DB snatch

    Episode 8

    Equipment: One heavy dumbbell.
    This is leg driven. Think about zipping the weight up your body then punch the weight up. Lock the elbow out once your arm is up.

  • How to do a roll up

    Episode 9

    Learn how to nail down a roll up.

  • How to use the hypervolt

    Episode 10

    If you have a hyperice hypervolt - I'll guide you on how to use it!
    This is by far one of my favorite tools to use for my muscle recovery.

  • How to do a breakdancer

    Episode 11

    Learn how to properly do a breakdancer.