• Training with T

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    Workout with me from home to the gym to even on vacation!

  • 7 day Pilates challenge

    8 videos  |   Buy $7.99

    Can't get to a pilates studio? You can do this challenge at home!

    Here's the equipment you will need:
    + light set of DB's
    + gliders (you can use a towel or paper plate)
    + mini band
    + having a stakt mat is a bonus!

  • 14 day core challenge

    15 videos  |   Buy $14.99

    Carve out 15 minutes out of your day to train your core with these effective exercises!

  • 14 day Glutes + Core Challenge

    15 videos  |   Buy $14.99

    20 minute workouts
    Strength + pilates inspired exercises to get you stronger!

    Equipment needed: medium set of DB's, medium to heavy mini band and bench or step.
    Get your equipment from my Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/training_with_t

  • 3 week total body challenge

    10 videos  |   Buy $30.99

    3 workouts a week, 45 minutes a day and medium set of weights - all done at home!

  • 14 day GLUTE challenge

    15 videos  |   Buy $14.99

    14 days to transfer your glutes!

    This can be at the luxury of your own home or at the gym. Don't forget to take your day 1 and day 14 photos to see your FULL transformation!

  • 30 day STRONG CORE challenge

    31 videos  |   Buy $29.99

    Purchase T's 30 day CORE challenge that will change your abs! This can be done at the luxury of your own home, at the gym or vacation. Consistency is key! Be sure to take Day 1 and Day 30 photos to see your transformation.